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We encourage you to reach out about rights, permissions, and sales inquiries. Amazon Publishing does not accept unsolicited original manuscripts.

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Domestic Rights

If you are interested in obtaining audio, book club, paperback reprint, large print, television, or motion picture rights to books published by Amazon Publishing, please contact us to learn about specific opportunities.


Foreign Rights

Amazon Publishing is interested in working with foreign publishers to make our books available in local languages throughout the world. Our goal is to help authors reach as many readers as possible worldwide. If you are interested in licensing foreign rights to books published by Amazon Publishing or would like to review our latest rights guides, please contact us.



Please contact us with the full details of your permissions request, including specific information about what material you would like to use and how you plan to use this material in your new work by completing the Permission Request Form provided.

Permissions Request Formglobalrights@amazon.com


If you are interested in publishing your book on Amazon, please visit www.kindledirectpublishing.com for information on our self-publishing services.

If you are a library, bookseller, author, or other third party interested in purchasing Amazon Publishing titles, please contact us to learn more.


Virtual Read-Aloud Guidelines

Amazon Publishing is delighted to support remote learning by providing students and young readers with access to our books for educational and non-commercial purposes. For educators, librarians, and booksellers, prior to posting a reading, please contact us with your name, school/library/store, city, state, and the title, author, and illustrator of the book you would like to read online, along with a description of your planned reading (e.g. audience, time, etc.). For authors and illustrators, please ensure you have any necessary permission from any co-creators or other rights holders prior to the reading.


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